In addition to harvester heads, we offer other high-quality products for forest operations like: loading grapples, boom extenders, and a large selection of harvester accessories.


Standard delivery of AFM harvester heads may include:

  • Motomit measuring systems
  • EME and Suregrip joysticks
  • Cable kits
  • Pressure filters
  • Rotators and links
  • Hose coils
  • Swivels

Other accessories:

  • loading grapples
  • telescopes
  • installation kits
  • boom links
  • nose cones
  • boom attachments
  • saw bars
  • saw chains and chain tools
  • rubber rollers
  • rotators and swivels
  • hydraulic motors and pumps
  • hose protectors

ANAB saw chain sharpening machines: