AFM harvester and processor heads

AFM 35 harvester head

AFM 35 is a powerful and versatile thinning head, which is suitable for conventional general as well as energy wood processing, multi stemming and loading. As a base machine can be chosen small excavator, forwarder or harvester base.

AFM 45 harvesting head

AFM 45 harvester head

AFM 45 is effective harvesting head for thinning and final felling done with small and medium-sized (9-16 tons) forest machines. AFM 45 is optionally fitted with multi tree equipment for integrated logging.

AFM 55 harvesting head

AFM 55 harvester head

AFM 55 is a solution for clear felling and later thinning operations, made with middle sized forest machines. AFM 55 fits efficiently on 12-18 tons forest machines and on excavators up to 18 tons.

AFM 60 harvesting head

AFM 60 harvester head

AFM 60 has an excellent reputation as a strong, reliable, and versatile harvester head. With its compact design, the AFM 60 is suited perfectly to both hardwood and softwood operations. The AFM 60 is perfectly suited to 20-ton excavators or 14- to 17-ton forest machines.

AFM 60 Euca harvesting head

AFM 60 Euca harvester head

AFM 60 EUCA is the most efficient harvester head for heavy duty eucalyptus-debarking operations. The AFM 60 EUCA is most suitable for 20- to 25-ton excavators.

AFM 65 harvester head

AFM 65 harvester head

AFM 65 is a strong, reliable and highly productive harvester head for medium wood which can work on both wheeled and tracked machines. The AFM 65 is perfectly suited for 20-25 tons excavators, wheeled and tracked harvesters.

AFM 75 harvester head

The new AFM 75 is a tough-built processing head with high feeding power and excellent geometry for the most demanding logging operations worldwide.

AFM 85 Magnum harvesting head

AFM 85 Magnum harvester head

AFM 85 Magnum is the largest and most powerful AFM head. Built for really tough harvesting conditions. With its feeding force it can easily processes big trees with heavy limbs. We recommend a 25- to 40-ton track-based machine for the AFM 85 Magnum.

AFM 400s stroke harvester head

AFM 400S Stroke is especially designed for forest operations made with small base machines. Most common farm tractors have enough hydraulic power to operate 400S. Also good choice would be an 6-8 ton excavator. 

AFM 1000 stroke harvester head

AFM 1000 Stroke head is designed for felling, delimbing and cross cutting operations in the forest. With high delimbing power the head can harvest even the most demanding species even with small base machines.