AFM 35 harvester head

The new AFM 35 is a powerful and versatile two-wheel drive harvesting head for thinning operations, suitable for 8-14 ton wheeled harvesters. The AFM 35 is the perfect harvesting head for thinning and small clear cut operations with an average diameter under 12“. The maximum grapple opening is 19”. Standard equipment includes: automatic chain tensioner, proportional pressure adjustment for rollers and knives.

AFM 35 Technical Specificationsmetricimperial
Weight690 kg1521 lbs
Optimum tree diameter5-30 cm2-11,8"
Saw bar60 cm24"
Excavator or tracked harvester weight8-14 t8-14 t
Wheeled harvester weight8-16 t8-16 t
Opening of front knives, max.480 mm18,8"
Opening of rollers, max.470 mm18,5"
Opening of back knives, max.580 mm22,8"
Width, max.1210 mm47,6"
Length, max.1165 mm45,8"
Felling diameter, max.500 mm19,6"
Delimbing knives5 pcs5 pcs
Feeding unit2 motors - 2 rollers2 motors - 2 rollers
Feeding speed0-5,5 m/s0-21 ft/s
Feeding power18 kN4 lbf
Needed engine power, min.60 kW80 hp
Needed hydraulic flow, min.120-200 l/min32-53 Gl/min

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