AFM 60 Euca harvester head

AFM 60 EUCA is the most efficient harvester head for heavy duty eucalyptus-debarking operations. This harvester head is an excellent combination of all the outstanding features of AFM heads, creating extremely efficient solutions for eucalyptus operations. Special rollers for debarking on the AFM 60 EUCA have cutting edges running at an oblique angle, causing a spiral feed of the stem and providing the best quality and speed of debarking. With its reliable hydraulics and drop-free sealing, the AFM 60 EUCA is suitable for use in tropical forests. Strong measuring mechanisms’ protections and many other important details in this head are purpose-made for demanding debarking operations. The AFM 60 EUCA is most suitable for 20- to 25-ton excavators.

AFM 60 Euca Technical Specificationsmetricimperial
Weight1500 kg3306 lbs
Optimum tree diameter15-35 cm6-14"
Saw bar67-82 cm26-32"
Excavator or tracked harvester weight16-25 t16-25 t
Wheeled harvester weight16-25 t16-25 t
Opening of front knives, max.650 mm25,6"
Opening of rollers, max.660 mm26"
Opening of back knives, max.790 mm31,1"
Width, max.1330 mm52,4"
Length, max.1380 mm54,3"
Felling diameter, max.700 mm27,6"
Delimbing knives3-4 pcs3-4 pcs
Feeding unit4 motors - 3 rollers4 motors - 3 rollers
Feeding speed0-6 m/s0-19,7 ft/s
Feeding power25 kN5,6 lbf
Needed engine power, min.80 kW107 hp
Needed hydraulic flow, min.250 l/min66 Gl/min

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