AFM heads on tracked harvesters

Tracked harvesters are widely used in the forest. Having simpler construction and less electronic components they are easier to use and maintain. Tracked harvesters have strong boom configuration which is an advantage in clearcuttings especially when felling and processing big trees. Due to their power and strong boom tracked harvester are very efficient machines for working in windstorm damaged areas.

Another important advantage of tracked harvesters is their ability to work on slopes. Tracked harvesters have better stability and climbing capacity in steep conditions due to a higher traction; they can work on slopes up to 65%. Thanks to cabin leveling system on some of the tracked harvesters the driver constantly remains on a horizontal seating position regardless the slope.

AFM brings the power and productivity on the hills! Three synchronized feeding rollers ensure high feeding force, secure non-slipping grip and low friction with stem. The strong grip of AFM heads makes it possible to pull heavy stems with the crane. High feeding force combined with optimal geometry of delimbing knives ensure accurate, fast and precise harvesting of heavily limbed wood and the most crooked stems.

AFM offers harvester heads originally designed to work on tracked harvesters. The frame of AFM heads is executed from high-strength steel, and as against heads of other manufacturers, it is monolithic which makes it highly durable and suitable for rough work on track based machines. Even after several years of use AFM heads remain highly productive. AFM harvester heads proved their reliability on hundreds of tracked machines.