AFM heads on wheeled harvesters

Whether you want to increase the performance of your wheeled harvester or to buy a replacement harvester head AFM has something to offer. AFM-Forest Ltd has developed specialized models of harvester heads for wheeled harvesters. They adapt very well on forest machines and work in harmony with them because of their efficient hydraulic and steering system.

Though AFM heads manufactured for wheeled harvesters are light in weight they have an extremely strong construction for same productivity even after several years of use. They showed high performance in both thinnings and clearcuttings. With feeding speed up to 6 m/s AFM harvester heads are among the quickest and most productive on the market.

Standard delivery of AFM harvester heads includes user-friendly AFM-Motomit measuring system well known for its reliability and versatility. The dimensional accuracy of the product harvested with AFM heads is excellent. The stem is constantly centered in the head for accurate measuring. According to the customer needs diameter of the stem can be measured from roller or knives. AFM harvester heads work efficiently with majority of measuring systems like Motomit, Maxi, Timbermatic, Dasa, Epec, CapsWin.